Annual Report 2020-21

Welcome to our 2020-21 Annual Report. The last year has been unlike any other.
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You can read about the impact your views and experiences have had across health and care services in Milton Keynes, how we have helped people get the answers they need, and how we plan to continue to make a difference to health and care services in our community. 

During the height of the pandemic - from recognising symptoms, navigating restrictions, testing and the vaccine roll out - our role in championing patient voices and information signposting for the people of Milton Keynes has been more vital than ever.

Not all our work has been related to COVID, and it's been encouraging to learn how our recommendations and strong local partnerships have continued to benefit those in our community who may need help getting their voice heard. 

Every local Healthwatch publishes their annual report by 30 June each year.

Some highlights from this year's Report include:

  • How your experiences have shaped and influenced GP access.
  • How your feedback has shifted the problems in dental care to the top of the national healthcare agenda.
  • The changes that have been made to local mental health services as a result of our Enter and View visits.
  • The valued contribution of our Healthwatch Milton Keynes volunteers.

Our year in numbers:

  • We provided advice and signposting information to a total of 117, 525 local people. 
  • We engaged with and supported over 99,000 people in Milton Keynes who approached us with queries and concerns relating specifically to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • During the pandemic, traffic to our website increased by 97%.


Download the full Annual Report. 

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