Blakelands Hospital Enter and View

Healthwatch Milton Keynes carried out an Enter & View visit to Blakelands Hospital, to engage with patients to explore their overall experience at the Hospital.
Entrance to Blakelands Hospital

While Healthwatch Milton Keynes (HWMK) have a planned programme of visits for the year, we ensure that we leave room to respond to local needs. Blakelands Hospital were keen to find ways to involve their PPG and sought advice from HWMK. It was through these discussions that the function of Enter & View and its benefits to the provider, as well as the service user, was introduced and Blakelands management team asked HWMK to provide an independent review of the patient experience. The purpose of this Enter and View visit was to engage with patients to explore their overall experience at Blakelands Hospital. We used question prompts to encourage discussion about experiences of the booking-in process, thoughts on comfort and cleanliness and quality of consultant care.

On the basis of this visit, Blakelands Hospital is found to be a well-run service based within a pleasant, clean and modern facility, which is easily accessible.  The patient experience is very positive, and convenience plays a huge factor in making the choice to use the service. All the people we spoke to reported positive experience in terms of quality of care and the majority of patients said they could not think of anything they would change about the service.

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Blakelands Hospital Enter and View

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