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What is MK Hospital's Patient Discharge Unit like for patient/ staff communication?


We're pleased to present the report of our Enter and View visit to Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust's (MK Hospital) Patient Discharge Unit. 

Our team engaged with patients, their relatives and carers, to find out how they feel about the level and effectiveness of communications between the staff and themselves.

This visit was the last of a programme of visits to MK Hospital, which reviewed the level of information that is given to patients about their treatment and discharge.

Visits have been carried out in response to the Red 2 Green initiative that Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (MKUHFT) have implemented across the hospital. The aim of Red 2 Green is to ensure that each day of a patient's stay in hospital is adding value to their diagnosis and/ or treatment and is reducing unnecessary time spent in hospital. A key part of the initiative is to ensure that patients have a clear understanding of what is happening to them each day, and what the process for their discharge is.

Healthwatch Milton Keynes would like to thank MK Hospital, service users, visitors and staff for their contribution to our Enter and View programme.

>>Download Patient Discharge report<<

>>Read about our Enter and View programme<<

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