Hospital: Restrictions on visiting hours and non-urgent appointments to be rescheduled

Milton Keynes University Hospital has taken steps to protect patients, staff and visitors and maintain the running of its services as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, including restrictions on patient visits and postponing routine operations.
Milton Keynes Hospital entrance

These measures aim to reduce visitor footfall across the hospital – and with it the risk of spreading the virus – and maximise the number of hospital beds available for patients needing emergency care.

Visiting the hospital

From 24/03/2020, we are further restricting visiting to our hospital to help tackle the spread of COVID-19 in order to protect both our patients and our staff.

With immediate effect, we will not allow any visitors to our hospital, with a few exceptions:

  • Maternity – one birth partner only. Strictly no children. Find out more. Join the BLMK Maternity Services Information Facebook page for the latest information. 
  • Paediatrics – one parent/guardian only. Strictly no siblings.
  • Patients at the end of life – in the upsetting and difficult circumstances where patients may be at the end of their life, the decision for visiting will be down to the nurse in charge

On arrival to any ward or department, all visitors should wash their hands thoroughly (for 20 seconds at least) or use the alcohol gel provided. We would ask that you do the same on leaving the ward.

Milton Keynes University Hospital has introduced special arrangements for families and friends to be able to drop off one plastic bag of personal items to patients.

Find out more. 


Routine planned surgery is being postponed during this time. Patients who have appointments for planned routine surgery will be contacted by the hospital and their appointments rescheduled.

Urgent operations and operations that form part of cancer treatment will continue to go ahead and patients should attend as planned.


We are increasing the availability of virtual clinics, consultations using Skype and telephone appointments, in order that we can accommodate the appointments of as many patients as possible without the need for them to come into the hospital. If this affects your appointment, the hospital will contact you.

Some outpatient appointments and diagnostic appointments (scans, x-rays, endoscopies etc) will need people to continue to attend the hospital. If you have not heard from the hospital with a change to your appointment, please attend as planned.

Chief Executive of Milton Keynes University Hospital, Professor Joe Harrison, said: “We are taking precautionary measures to limit the number of people coming into the hospital to help prevent the potential spread of Covid-19.

“We know that some of these measures – including restricting visiting numbers and times – will be difficult for patients and families, but we believe it’s the right thing to do to help protect everyone in our hospital and in our wider community.

“We are working around the clock to ensure we can continue to provide as many services as possible, as well as planning for a potential increase in the number of patients with Covid-19 who need hospital care. It is a challenging time, but the hospital and local health and public services are doing everything possible to care for those who need us most.”

Read the latest advice and information from NHS England and Public Health England about the Coronavirus here

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