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YPHMK goes to the Big Youth Debate

Big Youth Debate

YPHMK had a stand at the 2016 Big Youth Debate. The morning session started with the young people talking about support for young people with mental health difficulties. During the break Jane spoke to lots of young people and signed up 16 new members. Welcome to you all.

The debate was chaired by Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North. The panel was made up of representatives from Compass, the youth faculty at Milton Keynes Council, Youth Parliament and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. The young people asked lots of brilliant questions and the panel had to work hard! Some of the questions (and answers) were:

Q: What can you do to support young people with mental health problems?

A: attend a Smile 8 week course with MK Council where you will do something creative to make you feel better; or phone the CAMHS advice line, which is open to anyone.

Q: What mental health issue is most common and how do you tackle it?

A: 1:3 young people have a problem at some time and it needs to be tackled early. Anxiety, depression and self-harm are the three most common problems. One way to tackle the problem is to talk about it.

Q: Are parents the main reason young people don't want to talk about it? Or is it a wider problem?

A: the problem is taking the first step. You need to build trust with someone so you feel able to talk about it. Find someone, it could be a sibling or a friend and talk to them. You need to share how you feel because there is support out there.

Healthwatch Stand

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