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Your voice in health and social care.

Quick look at our volunteer opportunities.

Healthwatch Milton Keynes relies on members of the public, who are passionate about Health and Social Care and talking to other people in their community, to help us achieve our mission.

We have lots of opportunities for our members to get involved and help us achieve our mission to provide local people with a strong, independent voice on health and social care issues and influence the way services are planned, provided and delivered.

Signing up to be a member is quick and easy and we will always ask you if you want to get more involved, as a volunteer, when you sign up.

Local Community Champions

Help promote the work of Healthwatch Milton Keynes to all residents of Milton Keynes in a variety of settings. Taking leaflets, posters and surveys to public places in your local area and keep them topped up. You may like to take part in promotional events as and when they occur.

#It starts with you

Become part of our on-line volunteer team, people who share quick opinions with us regarding health and social care whilst taking the least amount of time. This role would particularly suit someone who is home based and finds it difficult to easily get out and about. You'd gather feedback in your on-line time, and send this to us by phone, or on to our website form, and can include your own opinions, or those of friends and family.

Newshound Health & Care Researcher

This role can be broken down into 2 parts (and can be offered as one or the other or both)
• Newshound – someone who is interested in local and national news about health and care services. Giving Healthwatch Milton Keynes access to very local news as well as national headlines regarding health and social care services by providing a summary to the Healthwatch Milton Keynes Operations Team.
• Researcher – someone who understands the intricacies of the NHS or care systems (and who likes reading jargon heavy documents!), looking at websites and researching for the latest information and then producing simple summaries and forwarding to the Healthwatch Milton Keynes Operations Team.

Helping Hands

Help with refreshments and create a warm welcome to local people who attend Healthwatch Milton Keynes public meetings and events. This is only an occasional opportunity.

Mystery Shopper

Test the patient experience of the health and social care services for Milton Keynes residents using different scenarios and situations.

Promotion and Engagement volunteer

To meet with the public, listen and offer them opportunities to share their health and care experiences. The role will also distribute leaflets and surveys into pre-arranged locations with a view to promoting Healthwatch to members of the public. This is often GP surgeries, hospitals etc., but may also include supermarkets. Libraries, community events, school sports days etc.

Reader Panel

To provide feedback on all literature produced by Healthwatch Milton Keynes such as reports and leaflets. To ensure no 'jargon' is used and to get the best possible results from surveys and questionnaires. To make sure everything we produce is easy for the public to use and understand.

Enter and View Authorised Representative

Healthwatch Milton Keynes has statutory powers to Enter and View health and care services (such as GP services, Hospitals and Care Homes) and speak to services users about their experiences of those services. Our reports are published. We need people who are good communicators, to build relationships with patients at services and talk to them about their experiences. Enter and View is a structured programme, which requires a Disclosure and Barring Service Enhanced check and full training is given.

One of the above roles may not be right for you or may not match your individual skills or knowledge - maybe we can create a role to match you? If you would like to find out more without any obligation please contact us by telephoning 01908 698800 or by email to info@healthwatchmiltonkeynes.co.uk