YiS Feedback Forum Report

YiS wanted to make sure that the services being offered to young people were aligned with what young people need and delivered in the way young people want.
Teenage boys sitting in a room

Thanks to funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund, YiS were able to create the Feedback Forum. The aim of the YiS Feedback Forum is to work proactively with young people in developing youth led initiatives, awareness campaigns, evidence-based activities or events that improve young people’s mental health in Milton Keynes.


Starting in November 2020 YiS conducted two surveys and six focus groups. Approximately 150 young people provided their thoughts, insight and fed into the Feedback Forum.

YiS reached out to all primary and secondary schools, and all local/ town / parish councils in Milton Keynes. They also communicated the information to other local charities that work with young people and posted updates across their social media platforms.

This survey was developed to be vague and open ended so that young people could freely express thoughts, feelings, and ideas about Mental Health and Wellbeing, and Mental Health services.

The second survey was developed using the ideas given by young people in the initial survey, focus groups, and steering groups.

To ensure that the report was independent and not influenced by prior knowledge of the participants, we agreed to analyse and compile the data.


YiS Feedback Forum Report

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