Dianna is our Community Engagement volunteer and gets involved in a variety of public and patient activities.

“I enjoyed the 'secret shopper’ exercise because it’s important to be sure that the structures underpinning services available to ordinary members of the public are flexible and supportive. My involvement in HW means I am part of the solution, not just a cog in the problem. As an older member of the public, I’m delighted to be able to be involved in assessing the way the system works, for me and others like me. Having a voice is a real joy.”


Jill is our digital research volunteer. She scours social media to ensure that we don't miss anything from the Twittersphere! 

“I enjoy research and subscribe to various health organisations. Combined with Twitter, I have found that passing on topical information helps the HW team to signpost. I can’t commit to particular hours, but I can contribute at my own pace and have taken part in some Zoom meetings. I feel this to be both rewarding and Interesting. There are many ways to volunteer, it helps me to feel like I am helping to make a difference."

Fatema volunteered with us for a few months on a project basis. She worked hard to launch our Instagram profile. 

“Volunteering with Healthwatch has given me the chance to do something truly positive for others. I enjoy juggling my volunteering with my studies and the team are really supportive. Launching the Instagram page means that I can reach out to young people in the community. It’s been fulfilling to see people gain the benefit of our posts and to know I am helping their future.”