Are you or your loved one waiting for hospital care? Tell us your story.

Millions of people have had their treatment delayed by the pandemic – are you one of them? We want to know if you’re getting the advice, information and support you need while you wait.
A man stands in front of a hospital screening machine next to a doctor

The impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many people in the UK having their operations, treatment and appointments cancelled or delayed to free up inpatient and critical care capacity. While this helped medical staff respond to the crisis, it has resulted in a huge backlog of people waiting for treatment, including in Milton Keynes. 

The latest data shows that the number of people waiting for routine operations and procedures in England is at its highest level since 2007 – currently at 5.45 million. 

The impact of delayed treatment to you

The impact of waiting for treatment can be huge, potentially leaving you in pain and affecting both your physical and mental health, your ability to work and perform day-to-day tasks, such as cleaning, shopping and caring for others.

While the NHS is working hard to treat people, you should be getting support, advice and information about how to look after your health while you wait.

What could be improved?

We know that not everyone in Milton Keynes is getting the help they need while they wait for care. That’s why Healthwatch England have launched a national survey to understand your experiences.  

Everything you tell us is confidential and will help us and the NHS understand what needs to be put in place to better support people like you.

So whether it’s gynaecological surgery, a knee replacement or a biopsy you’re waiting for, if you’ve got a story to tell, we want to hear it. 

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