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Patient Insight into Readmissions Project


Patient Insight into Readmissions Project

BLMK Integrated Care Partnership are looking for people who would like to be involved in a project investigating readmissions . Readmissions are often distressing and disruptive for patients and carers and can cost the NHS valuable resources. BLMK believe that patients and carers develop valuable knowledge and insight through their experience of using services and by listening to patients and carers they learn more about the NHS and start improving it.

Who can get involved?

They are looking for patients (or their carers) who have been readmitted into hospital within 30 days of discharge. They are looking for people who have been readmitted to either the Luton and Dunstable Hospital, Milton Keynes University Hospital and Bedford Hospital.

What will it involve?

Ideally you would be happy to have a telephone interview. In which you will be asked a series of questions.

1. Why and when did you get readmitted?

2. What effect did it have on your life?

3. What caused the readmission?

4. What could have been done to improve the care you received?

If you are interested in getting involved either call or text Rachel Eborall on 07772 123 750

If you prefer you can participate through email by emailing me at Rachel.Eborall@nhs.net

You may want to fill in a survey at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/53YYCVT

We've attached the consent form, so you can see what information BLMK would like to process.

Next steps

Once we have spoken to patients we will develop a report that will be shared with the NHS and other partners. This report will be used to improve services within the NHS.


If you have any questions about this project please contact Rachel Eborall either on

07772 123 750 or email Rachel.eborall@nhs.net