Have you taken part in MK's More Life weight management programme?

If you have, then More-Life and the Open University would like to hear your feedback.
A pair of trainers standing on weighing scales

Image credit: Spencer Wing, Pixabay

Many people are referred by their GP, nurse or other community-based professional, to the weight management programme in Milton Keynes, More Life. 

If you're one of these people, then More Life and the Open University are running a survey to hear how the course worked for you, and to understand your experiences. 

There are three different surveys, depending on where you are on the programme. 

For each survey, you'll need to complete the consent form. 

If you're on the waiting list, but have declined at this point (cohort 1)

Consent form 

Weight management survey 1

If you've dropped out of the weight management service (cohort 2)

Consent form

Weight management survey 2

if you're currently attending the weight management service (cohort 3)

Consent form 

Weight management survey 3


Fore more information on these surveys, contact Dr Kerry Jones:


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