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Healthwatch Milton Keynes Survey

During this challenging time, it is more important than ever that people are able to share their experiences of health and social care services so that Healthwatch Milton Keynes can help resolve key health and care issues now, and so that we can support our local system to learn lessons for service quality and delivery the future.

Healthwatch Milton Keynes has launched a rolling survey throughout the pandemic.

To aid the professionals who are working hard to ensure that the people of Milton Keynes receive the support they require, Healthwatch Milton Keynes are collating the results of our ongoing survey so that there is up to date information about what is working well, and where further support or communication is needed.

Regular impact reports will be circulated with relevant health and social care professionals.

Impact Report 1

This first report contains the survey results from 101 Milton Keynes residents who responded between 4 May 2020 and 18 May 2020.

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Impact Report 2

This first report contains the survey results from a further 138 Milton Keynes residents who responded between 19 May 2020 and 29 May 2020.

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Impact Report 3

This first report contains the survey results from a further 37 Milton Keynes residents who responded between 30 May 2020 and 14th June 2020.

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Thank you for sending this interesting report.

From a medicines and pharmacy point of view it is good to see a compliment about a pharmacy service but I note that there is concern about accessing medicines when the patient is unable to go out.

It may be helpful to re-iterate the mechanisms that are available.

  • The first port of call should be family and friends and many neighborhoods have schemes in place.
  • If the person is shielded and does not have family or a friend able to collect medication for them, the NHS Volunteers scheme is available. If neither of these options are possible, then there is a national delivery service via community pharmacies.
  • For those who aren’t shielded, but still vulnerable, MK Council website has the following advice: 'If you are in a high risk category (eg over 70, you would usually be eligible for a flu jab, or you are pregnant) and have no other local support (eg friends/family/neighbours) and need help to access food or medicine, call us on 01908 252398.  We can take calls Monday to Friday between 9am and 5:15pm (NB not on bank holidays). Please note, this helpline is people who have no other support to turn to. If you do have friends and neighbours who can help, please do keep this resource free for people in need.'
  • The NHS volunteers scheme is also available to anyone that may be considered vulnerable, not just the official shielding list.

Head of Prescribing and Medicines Management

Share your experiences

Healthwatch Milton Keynes Coronavirus Survey is a rolling survey throughout the pandemic. We want to hear about your experiences of accessing information and using health & social care services during the Coronavirus crisis. If you haven't already filled in the survey, there is still time to share your story with us.

Coronavirus Survey

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