MK Together

Over the past year MK Together have been working on new innovative partnership arrangements for safeguarding adults and children, enabling community safety and promoting health and wellbeing. Healthwatch Milton Keynes is playing a key role in these new arrangements.
MK Together Boards diagram

The new partnership arrangements have been designed to support core ‘people partnerships’ to work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The Partnership is based on two principles:

  • Simplicity - All partners should easily understand how the new arrangements work and how the different partnerships relate
  • Flexibility - The arrangements need to be able to adapt to future needs or changes with legislation or emerging local issues

The new partnership plans, which incorporates multi-agency safeguarding arrangements, are summarised in the image above. 

MK Together - Structure Video
MK Together - Partner Comments
MK Together - Timeline Video

Click here to find out more about the new MK Together partnership arrangements. 

Healthwatch Milton Keynes is the sponsor for the Voice Affiliated Board.

Healthwatch Milton Keynes is delighted that the people’s voice has been given equal recognition as other Boards in the design, delivery and oversight of community safety and promoting health and wellbeing.

The aim of the Voice Board is to feed the voice of local stakeholders into the work of the partnership and working with existing groups to co-ordinate multi-agency consultation.

The Voice Board will do this by:

  • Seeking the views of stakeholders and feeding back to the wider partnership.
  • Creating opportunities for public and partner engagement.
  • Fulfilling the Community Safety Partnership’s statutory duty to consult with the public including oversight of the annual crime and disorder survey.
  • Ensuring that relevant partners for safeguarding, including GPs, schools, academies and colleges are engaged with the partnership.
  • Communicating with stakeholders on the work of the partnership

Partners on the Voice Board

Milton Keynes Council (Adult and Childrens Social Care, Housing)

Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group (MK CCG)

Thames Valley Police and Probation

Public Health

Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Trust

Healthwatch Milton Keynes

Voluntary Sector (VCSE Representative to the Health and Wellbeing Board, Community Action:MK, MK CIL, Talkback)

CNWL (Central Northwest London NHS Trust - providers of Community and Mental Health Services)

School Safeguarding Representives

South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS)

Community Safety Representative

Bucks Fire and Rescue

Help us understand your key concerns

Healthwatch Milton Keynes is the independent public representative at the Voice Board. The Voice Board is a space for us to raise key themes and concerns for residents in Milton Keynes. For us to do this, we need local residents to tell us about their experiences of services in Milton Keynes. 

Share your experiences