The Mental Health Partnership Board is a key space for patients, families, carers and voluntary groups to talk to service providers about their experiences and suggest ways those services could be improved.  

It's imperative that patients and carers who use local mental health services have the opportunity to suggest improvements. For the partnership board to be genuinely effective, we need to hear from people with personal experience of using these services.

If you're unable to attend the Partnership Board, but would like to raise an issue at one of them, please get in touch.

01908 698800

I was humbled to be asked to take over the Chairing of the Mental Health Partnership Board this year. Under Healthwatch MK's guidance we are striving to make it a vibrant and positive meeting where service users and providers, including Voluntary Sector partners, can share information and celebrate improvements and new initiatives, as well as robustly monitor and challenge plans and goals
— Sheila, Chair of the Mental Health Partnership Board

Interested in attending the Mental Health Partnership Board? 

The Partnership Board meeting is held quarterly. 

For more details about the dates, times and venues: