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Your voice in health and social care.

Healthwatch Milton Keynes Strategy 2018-21

We've launched our strategy and Business Plan for the next three years

Strategy Image

Our strategy sets out how we will engage with our local population, and ensure that those who pay for services listen, respond to their needs and design services alongside them.

Our strategy reflects our focus on improving local services and making sure they work for the people who use them.

We also have a plain print version, for those who find the background images affect the ability to read our strategy. Access the plain print version here.

The Healthwatch Milton Keynes Strategy is underpinned by our three year Business Plan

Business Plan

 We are looking forward to the next three years and achieveing our ambitions.

We will shortly publish some highlights of our workplan through the CEO's blog. As well as activities focused on achieveing our strategic objectives, we will be highlighting activities set against the three priorities you told us were the most important areas of Health and Social Care to focus on this year:

  • Mental Health
  • Primary Care
  • Integrated Health and Social Care (including the Integrated Care System)

To keep up to date with our activities, find out about opportunities to help Healthwatch Milton Keynes and other information from the Health and Social Care community, sign up to become a Healthwatch Milton Keynes Member here. Organisations can also sign up.