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Gluten free food prescriptions

 Gluten Free Food Prescriptions

Following its consultation on the availability of gluten free foods on NHS prescription, the government decided to restrict gluten free prescribing to bread and mixes only. Some Clinical Commissioning Groups, including Milton Keynes CCG had previously undertaken the consultation across Milton Keynes and took the decision to restrict the prescribing of ALL gluten free items. NHS England's prescribing guidance is advisory, and local CCGs are able to make their own local decisions.

MKCCG stated that they would revisit their decision, following the outcome of the national consultation. After careful consideration of the outcome of the national consultation, MKCCG's Board has decided the decision to restrict all gluten free food prescribing, adopted as a result of the local consultation should stay in place, as it was largely supported by clinicians, the public and GPs.

MKCCG provide the opportunity for GPs or Consultants to approach the CCG with robust evidence to consider individual patients who may be at risk of severe dietary neglect, and that process has ensured that people most in need are supported.

What does this mean for patients?

This means that any patient who previously received Gluten free products on prescription will not routinely be prescribed them, and this practice will continue.

It is your right as a patient to discuss your needs with your GP. If you and your GP have concerns about your health and access to gluten free foods your GP is able to apply to the CCG for a review to be made. The CCG have a panel of clinicians that will look at evidence put to them by GPs and make a decision as to whether to prescribe gluten free products on an individual basis.

Healthwatch Milton Keynes advises any patient concerned about the impact the prescribing restrictions may have, or are having on their health to speak to their GP.

Healthwatch Milton Keynes would like to hear from patients about their experience and will continue to discuss with the CCG any evidence of poor health outcomes and experiences in relation to gluten free food prescribing. If you would like to share your story please go to our feedback form.