Your self-care toolkit this Autumn/Winter

As the nights begin to draw in and seasonal colds and flu increase, the NHS are providing information on how treat certain illness and ailments from the comfort of your own home.
A young child in bed with a thermometer

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We know that it can be worrying when you or your loved ones are ill. That's why we've put all this information in one place so that you have a reliable, up-to-date toolkit of resources and advice to carry you through the Autumn/Winter. 

Self-care for you and your family starts here! 

Self-care refers to the actions we can all take to recognise, treat and manage our own health and wellbeing. Self-care is important and can sometimes be the best way to treat seasonal illnesses and injuries. A well-stocked medicine cabinet can help you treat yourself and your family for common ailments.

Ailments such as the common cold, chicken pox and indigestion for example, can often be eased or treated with over-the-counter medicines. Your Pharmacist can provide advice about treating minor health conditions and common ailments.

For further information about self-care visit the NHS website.

If symptoms persist, or you are concerned,  you should always contact your doctor’s surgery or visit NHS 111 online.

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